Current work

  • Implementation of an interface for tissue related queries

  • Implementation of a regular update

  • Update of help pages

Latest changes

1st Oct 2003

  • Update of the Human Gene Index based on UniGene #161

  • Use of JavaScript for comfortable access of information

  • On-the-fly help window using JavaScript (not working on all machine/browser combinations)

  • Search against latest versions now possible

15th Jan 2003

  • Update of the Mouse Gene Index based on UniGene

  • Mapping of the Human Gene Index to the latest genome sequence

10th Nov 2002

  • Update of the Human Gene Index

  • Consistent colour scheme for tissues and stages of all organisms.
    Similar colours roughly reflect the same category of tissues (e.g. digestive system)

  • User-defined settings are kept within one session.

  • When querying specific sequences, those sequences are marked by a "Q" to the left,
    and now the respective arrows are also highlighted.

23rd Sep 2002

  • BLAST interface improved. Display of the best hit per database now possible

    Alternative tabular output available.

21st Aug 2002

  • Display options now stay active when switching to different contigs.

1st Aug 2002

  • Tight integration of information about single exons from SpliceNest:
    Clicking on an exon in SpliceNest now links to GeneNest showing only those ESTs that match the exon.
    Clicking on an intron highlights the appropriate position in GeneNest, all sequences are displayed.

14th Feb 2002

14th Jan 2002

  • Visualization of tissues

  • Sorting by tissue now possible

  • Visualization of developmental stages (preliminary)

  • Sorting by stage now possible

  • Improved interface for complex search

19th Oct 2001

  • Search against all databases now possible

  • References added

  • Statistics for most databases now available

  • Some bugs in the search commands solved

  • Pages moved from DKFZ, Heidelberg to MPI Molecular Genetics, Berlin

Stefan Haas
Last modified: Thu Oct 2 10:32:17 MEST 2003